TW needs to push a reissue of the Prince Classic Graphite 100 Longbody


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1. can you define narrow beam tweener ? in my understanding... tweener and thin beam are opposites.
Not sure 20-22-20mm consider thin beam but it’s possible.

Prince warrior 100TX (peng shuai signature racket: unfortunately she never used her own brand racket)

Power Level 1200
Headsize 100 in2
Weight (g) - Unstrung 300 g
Balance Point (cm) - Unstrung 31.5 cm
Swing Weight 285
Length 27"
Cross Section 20-22-20mm
String Pattern 16 x 18
Unofficial Stiffness: 60 (Babolat RDC)
I am guessing..... there is X
X means?
Probably they will bring Prince Japan’s experiment racket X100???
It might be surprised if they will do.
I’d be surprised if it’s introduced to the American market. Somehow I don’t think it’ll be a hit (no pun intended). Kinda weird looking tbh.

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