TW no 2019 Hydrogen Lightning Crewneck!

Berdych and Lopez are wearing the 2019 Hydrogen Lightning 2019 t-shirt! TW only has odd sizes in model 2018!

Want the light silver in Medium size!
I bet Gatorade has that shirt available as a promo gift. After all, it's their logo Hydrogen is using there
All other lighting bolt tee shirts are 100% cotton or a 90% cotton and 10% polyester. Lightweight cotton blend too! I want to wear it playing tennis so these other 100% cotton or 90% cotton probably not what I want!
You better be bringing some game if you have a huge lightning bolt emblazoned on your tennis shirt like some Marvel superhero

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This is a positive to get better given your viewpoint on the look it suppose to represent, NO? And the opponent will give his/her all to prove you are not that good too! Another positive! It is all good!