TW one time Adidas barricade 6 month outsole warranty


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Question about the TW one time Adidas Barricade 6 month outsole warranty - what exactly does the one time mean?
Is this a particular customer can only use the warranty one time?
Or if you purchase the shoe, TW will only replace it one time (i.e. can't keep sending it back every 3 mos for replacement)?
I suspect it is the latter, so that if I did it once already late last year, I could purchase another set of Barricades now and send them in for replacement in a few months, correct?

Thank you in advance!


Just one replacement per shoe. For years till about 5 years ago, it was like a Buy one, get one free program for me as I would wear out the Barricade sole in about 1.5 to 2 months (about 80-100 hours on hard courts). But then Barricades made the sole more durable and the midshoe support worse. Then I could not wear them beyond 60-80 hours because I would get knee/Achilles/foot soreness/tightness while the sole still looked great - so, the sole warranty became useless for me and I had to buy new pairs every 1.5 months.

I have the same problem now with Asics Gel Resolution where the sole lasts much longer than the shoe’s support and so, I can’t use the sole warranty when I replace shoes every 70-80 hours.


Question - I start to wear out the side of the shoe from dragging prior to the outsoles. If i put shoe goo on the sides of the shoe (not touching the sole) in order to get a few more weeks out of them, would it void the Adidas 6 month outsole warranty?


TW Staff


The picture isn't coming through but I think i understand what you are saying. And no, that would not void the outsole warranty if you used shoe goo.

Brittany, TW