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Discussion in 'TW Questions/Comments' started by spacecityguy, Jun 2, 2009.

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    Just want to let the TW team know about a repeat problem I have experienced. I placed an order on each of the past two Fridays. I left the page after it confirmed my order was submitted and didn't select any option on email distribution. I did not receive a confirmation email either time. I called the first time to follow up, and the person who took my call somehow forced a confirmation email to be sent to me (he told me). I received my order 2 business days, as expected. I also called after the second order but the person who took my call this time didn't get the system to send me a confirmation email. My credit card was charged on this past Friday, and I still haven't received a confirmation email or my order (it's Tuesday).

    I'll call again tomorrow, but our TW friends may want to get their system guy to check the sending of confirmation email. Also, I expected the option to opt out any email distribution after submitting my order. I wonder if leaving the website without completing that was the reason my order didn't get processed properly (but the screen told me my order had been submitted).

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