TW Rewards Program


TW, Have you ever thought about starting a rewards program based on customer purchases?
Yes they have, this topic comes up every couple of months or so. The answer, is a complicated negative.

First, I'll say that we appreciate everyone buying their gear from TW, and for the loyalty of those who keep supporting us. We try to offer special promotions (gift with purchase, price breaks on quantity purchases, etc.) that provide added value. However, we probably won't be setting up a "rewards program" anytime soon. I don't see Amazon or other consumer online retailers offering this type of program. Also, from a logistical standpoint, it would be very difficult. We hope you decide to shop with TW because we have the best selection of products, competitive prices and best service. As always, we'll match any price from a US retailer that we can confirm. Thanks again to everyone who supports TW! Don/Tennis Warehouse
TW Staff said:
First, thanks to Jonas for the recommendation. Thanks to OrangeOne and everyone else for pointing out how we strive to retain your loyalty... We're open to and welcome all suggestions on ways to improve our customer service, and business overall. We have considered a loyalty rewards program, but ultimately decided against it. There are several reasons why, not the least of which is not being able to apply to all products, due to manufacturers advertised pricing policies. However, we'll be happy to match any price offered by this company, including discounted prices for loyalty rewards membership. Just call us to place your order. Thanks, Don/Tennis Warehouse
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