TW Staff: Power Map Discrepencies?

Discussion in 'TW Questions/Comments' started by JackB1, May 26, 2011.

  1. JackB1

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    I was wondering why some racquets have very high power map numbers, but then in your reviews everyone says the racquet is low powered? A good example is the IG Head Speed 16x19. Your power map numbers are 40% dead center and 29% on the sides, which is very high. But it your reviews everyone says the racquet is low powered?

    Also the reverse is sometimes true. The VCore 98D you say has a lot of power in your reviews and also call the power: Medium. But the Power Map shows lower numbers than the Speed. The middle is 39% and 27% on the sides.

    Is the Power Map not reliable compared to "true life" power? I don't understand why some racquets have very high percentages, but they are lower powered, control racquets???|100|Head|YOUTEK:IG:Speed:16x19|RCHEAD|x&racquetB=TVC98D|98|Yonex|V:Core:98:D|RCYONEX|x&racquetC=none&racquetD=none
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    I would trust the numbers over the opinions of people.

    People have a tendency to misjudge power coming from rackets with low swingweights. The frame feels easier to swing and the player feels more shock on impact, so he/she thinks the shots are coming off harder, even if they are not.

    The numbers are from measurements in controlled experiments, so they are a better representation of what is actually happening when the ball hits the strings.

    Thus, you have the people saying the lower SW is higher powered and the numbers saying the higher SW is higher powered.
  3. TW Professor

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    Apr 21, 2008
    Spaceman is right. Different people have different reactions to different racquets. Our power measurements are the best indicator of the power of the racquet by itself. How fast you swing a racquet makes a bigger difference. And how fast you swing depends on a lot of factors, not just the swingweight. It will also depend on general feel and timing and string setup. Power (and especially distance) and perception of power is influenced by strings and tension. Playtesters can be playing with many different configurations whereas in the lab all racquets are strung with the same string at mid-tension.

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