TW University Sneak Peek Video!


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ok, clearly you guys have WAY too much time on your hands...however, it's good to see you putting that time to good use. It's truly astounding the rigor you employ in your experiments, data collection, and analyses. The NASA engineers have nothing on you....NOTHING.

Don't be surprised when Toyota gives you a call to help resolve their problems with vehicle acceleration. Who knows, you just might be able to get that VW bus to go 88 mph!


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Best video ever on the TW library!!! :)

Chris, love the Serena outburst on Kana. Poor Kana. No, wait. Poor Volkl PB10. Is that going to be on the demo sale bin soon?

Spence, you could be the next tennis talking head at ESPN or Tennis Channel. You look a little bit like Justin Gimelstob.

Kana, very cool, calm, and collected during the Chris' tirade. You should talk to Tiffani about 1001 ways to get payback.

Tiffani, love that Tennis Wonder Woman costume. :) Players ought to take notice that you wield a mean racquet especially if they make a bad call against you.

Jason, good form on that carboard box lunge. I'll give you a 7 out of 10.

Hayley, very cerebral but how could let Chris mess up your board? That's disrespectful.

Very entertaining.

Good job guys.

Now back to work!



LOL...I'd love to do a drive by hit and run with a racket to people who have made bad call in matches!!