Two Handed Backhand Grip Revisited

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    Oct 20, 2006
    So I came back to tennis after a 25 year gap.

    Trying the 2HBH again after all those years, I reverted to an Eastern
    Backhand on the dominant hand because the balls seemed flat and
    sailed long a lot, whereas I was getting a lot of spin with the
    SWF/EBH combination.

    Big Mistake I think.

    Two years later, I am still hitting slice one-handers and very few
    two handers. I've come to terms (to grips?) with the fact that the
    Eastern Backhand on the dominant hand is too uncertain a grip for me.
    Never having used it in my life, I find it has never locked in well. I cannot
    tell the difference when there are slight nuanced rotations of my hand in
    the eastern backhand grip, and this is the cause of it not being locked in.
    Of course, hitting countless balls would help. But it will take a long time.
    Meanwhile, I am still trying to get that grip locked in for my kick serve.

    So I am back to the drawing board on the 2HBH. I will go back to
    continental on the dominant hand. Most 2HBHs seem to be continental
    on that hand anyways.

    I am wondering if anyone else has been through this detour as well.

    - SquashPlayer

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