Two-handed backhand takeback


Is it okay to do a high takeback and then a straight takeback when there's less time/the ball is lower/when I feel like it? Or should I just choose one and stick with it?


For backhands you should be trying to loop the take back relatively high nearly as much as you would loop from high to low then to high when following through.

But a straight take back also works for some people it is just that you can get into an inconsistent habit of dropping the racquet too quickly, i.e on your backswing you will end up having no power generation because you just swing back and forth lazily when swinging with a straight take back.

Its hard to explain but you should just see what is really more comfortable for yourself and stick too it.


My question was not what's the difference between the two, I asked if it's ok to do both depending on the situation.


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everyone has their own style. the problem is, if you get into a consistent habit with them. sometimes you can get confused and start mixing the shots, then you'll end up messing up a lot.


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Actually a good idea....
Knowing a fast first serve is coming, straight takeback.
Knowing a spin second serve, or a groundie where you have time, a loopy longer takeback for more power.