Two Head Flexpoint Heat racquets

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    I have 2 Head Flexpoint Heat racquets in very good to excellent condition (9/10). I have had these frames about 3 years. One has its 3rd set of strings in it, the other has it's second set (it is a Head synthetic 17 gauge, not sure which string) set at midpoint of range, which I believe is 55#. The one on the second set will need the strings replaced soon, the one with 3rd set is newly strung and unhit. Both have 4 1/2" grips, 102" head size, lime/pea green, white and black with the anti.torsion bar in the Y.

    I have the covers for both frames, which are in perfect condition. I keep the frames inside the covers, and the covers are inside my 6 pack bag.

    These are in great shape, as I have not played much the last couple of years. These frames are better suited to someone who plays more than I do these days. These frames are great precision sticks, provide good power on the serve, but you have to provide the pace on groundstrokes and volleys. When you hit the sweetspot ("flexpoint") you can really throw some sharp angles on the ball. I am getting older, so am demoing frames that might help me in the power department a bit.

    I will ship both frames with covers for $100 TYD. I can accept PayPal, but prefer a USPS money order. I have perfect feedback on **** as 8891darren.

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