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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Kenny022593, Aug 31, 2008.

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    Today while i was at the gym (yes i finally got someone to take me =D) i was doing intervals on the treadmil. I did it every 30 seconds 6.0 speed to 9.0 speed and every 30 seconds i would go up and down is this good or should i do it another timing please help =D. My other question is what muscles should be worked on first i'll say that i have the weakest biceps you will ever see and im not even joking if i wanted too i could probably barly do 3 sets of 7 curls with 20 lbs for both arms yes im weak should i work on biceps first or should i work all the muscles at the same time such as chest bicep and tricep? Please help me with this too =D. I also know this may be confusing so sorry haha
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    That is a good starting interval but it would be better to very your interval durations. Perform 20 seconds of high intensity followed by a low-intensity interval. Also try some 45-60 second high intensity intervals.

    The high-low duty cycle to should not necessarily be 50-50. You can do some of them with equal high-low phases but most of your interval cycles should have low-intensity phases that are longer than the high-intensity phase. For many people playing tennis, the ball is in play (high-intensity) only 20% of the time. Your intervals should reflect something like this.

    I know someone who played both badminton and soccer at a fairly high level. His intervals consisted of "running" telephone poles. He would sprint from one pole to the next. He would than walk to the one after, followed by a sprint to the 4th pole and just keep repeating the cycle. Even tho' the distance covered for each interval was the same, the durations were obviously different -- the walking interval takes much longer than the sprinting interval.

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