Two slight changes have made all the difference to me.

Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by Viper, Jan 17, 2009.

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    I've been rather unsuccessful in playing Singles matches with people even slightly better then me. Recently I've been changing some things up in my game to see what works for me, and these two minor (well one kind of minor) have really helped me out.

    1. Two-handed backhand.
    I've always thought that I've been keeping the one hander for so long because I was good at it. Now I know it was just me clinging to my Federer-like game features. Ever since I switched to a two-handed backhand, I can hit the shot without having that trickling fear of it not going in, or going two far. I hit twenty winners the other day with my coach, 12 of them being a down the line backhand. Sure, it's still lacking confidence, but it's becoming more consistent, and ultimately, a smart move.

    2. Underhand second serve.
    This is the big one. Last year during my season, I would get my second serve slammed down my throat. For some reason I can't find a way to get a consistent kick, and I've spent hours attempting so. Frustrated, in a match, I hit a topspin drive as my second serve and lo-and-behold, my opponent muscled back a return similar to ones he did on my stronger first serve. I didn't double fault either. While this serving method is a cheaper way out, and I'll probably get mocked a bit for it, seeing as it's not traditional, it's been probably the biggest improvement to my game.

    Just wanted to share with you guys :D
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    I used to have issues with a kick serve and I served underhand, but that was when I was at the bottom of my JV team. When you get up there, people start moving feet, starting moving up in the court, start moving the weight forward. And you're going to get that serve shoved down your throat again. I stuck to hitting the overhead kick serve, and I didn't get it until 2 years after I started trying to practice it.
    My serve used to be the biggest liability of my game, now it's the strongest part of it.
    You have the knowledge and the technique, you have the TW community for tips and help, you just have to stick with it and wait for the muscle memory to kick in.

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