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    Was tinkering around with TW's Racquet Finder and found the following info on racquets in their database:

    LARGEST HEAD: 137", Gamma Diamond Fiber C-2.0 and Gamma Big Bubba Pro

    SMALLEST HEAD*: 80", Adidas GTX Pro-T and Kneissl White Star Masters

    LONGEST: 29", (six were that long)

    LIGHTEST: 8.0oz, Prince Superlite Titanium

    HEAVIEST*: 14.1oz, Pro Kennex Black Ace

    HIGHEST SWINGWEIGHT: 397, Pro Kennex Kinetic 20g Reach

    LOWEST SWINGWEIGHT (for a non "junior" racquet): 270, Pro Kennex Ti Destiny PBT Reach

    STIFFEST: 80, Gosen Secret Carbon MP and Prince More Game MP

    MOST FLEXIBLE*: 50, Cayman Terminator II and Snauwaert Ergonom (the Wilson n3 is listed with a flex rating of 47 but there's a note on Racquet Finder that states the reason it's so low is due to "extension of Triad construction")

    MOST HEAD-HEAVY: 15 pts hh, Wilson 6.2 Hammer MP

    MOST HEAD-LIGHT: 15 pts hl, Wilson 6.1 ProStaff Stretch OS and Wilson Hyper ProStaff 5.0 MP Stretch

    *The Rossignol Strato is on Raquet Finder but it's a wooden racquet. It would have the smallest head (72"), would weigh the most (14.3oz), and would be the most flexible (47 flex rating).
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    Boy, you must have been really bored ... ;)

    But thanks for the enlightening information.

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