Tying bigger knots on old grommets

Hi guys

Strung a racquet today which had old, 'widened' grommets.

I added another knot, on top of the traditional knot, to stop it getting sucked into the grommet.

Is it okay to do that?

Cheers Paul
The DHH knot is acceptable to the USRSA. I use it for NG and any 15/15L Ga string. [sarcasm] Just for the snide comments, I will do all my knots with DHH. [end sarcasm]
Their is a knot in my region that ive been seeing,,, it uses a 3rd small piece of string for the sole purpose of not going through grommet,, but it looks even worse than the dhh..


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^^ Sounds like a “dead man’s knot.”

I use the following knot sometimes for a tie off if I’m concerned a smaller knot will pull into the grommet (and I don’t have the option to replace the grommets, for whatever reason). Yulitle says in the video that this knot is for starting knots only. But if I recall, USRSA at some point recognized this knot as ok for a general tie off as well. I’ve never had a problem in the handful of cases I’ve used it as such:

If you want to stop the string from being pulled into the grommet you could get a 6/0 seed bead and string it on the anchor string when stringing. Then tie any knot you want above the seed bead to stop the knot from being pulled into the grommet. This will also protect new grommets from getting worn out deformed by the knots. The problem is if you have little room to begin with for a knot adding a seed bead will not work. Seed beads are like mini pony beads and about the size of a tie off grommet on the outside Just a thought I've never tried it and probably won't. You can get about 1,000 beads from WalMart of under $2.

EDIT: You could also put the seed bead on the tail end of the string you're tying off.