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    Jul 29, 2007

    My next idea for the continuing U.S. Open preview at Pro Tennis Blog is a mass article composed of four seperate articles; the theme/title being, "Who Will Win the U.S. Open and Why?"

    The four players, naturally, will be Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, and Roddick.

    My idea is for me to write one article stating why I think one of the above players will win (right now I would say Federer, but I'd up for doing either one). Then I'd ask for three "guest artcles," one for each of the other three players.

    Or if four of you are adamant about doing one then I could just oversee the operation and not even write one.

    Obviously I'm not at the point where I can compensate in the form of monetary benefits for guest articles, but if you love tennis and like writing, I think it would be fun and it would make for a great preview.

    If you're interested, reply here or send me a PM or email me at ridimon@gmail.com - and if you already know which player you want to write for then go ahead and make a claim.

    (I'd also be open to a fifth article for "the field," meaning you dont have to pick one player but you can write an argument saying someone other than the big 4 will win).

    Thanks folks.

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