Ubersonic 3 vs SoleCourt Boost - Toebox fit

I was wearing the Nike Vapour 9.5 Tour but I had problems with the toe box being too narrow, which caused blisters on the side of my little toe. So I switched to the Ubersonic 3 and they are a perfect fit with the wider toe box. However, the Ubersonic 3 is not durable at all. So I'm wondering how the fit of the SoleCourt Boost compares with Ubersonic 3, as the SoleCourt Boost looks like it would be more durable.

Also, has anyone noticed how there is a thread-like material embedded in the rubber sole of the Ubersonic 3. As the rubber wears down, I can see the thread-like material becoming exposed and fraying. It's a bit weird as I've never seen this sort of thing in other shoes. Is it designed this way to reduce weight?