Ultra Tour vs. Phantom 100P

I'm currently demoing these racquets and am struggling with making a choice. The Phantom truly is like butter - every shot, even ones that aren't clean, feels comfortable. The power is decent and the swingweight is substantial but not "too much."

The Ultra Tour is also flexy and is seriously lacking in power (yes, I know everyone is adding lead to the UTs). Doesn't help that my demo is strung at 57lbs. I think I served better tonight with the UT but maybe that's because I'm so used to swinging Wilson racquets.

Both have excellent control and comfort, and topspin is not an issue on either.

Has anyone else tried these racquets? If so, what did you ultimately choose and why? Thanks guys.


I've only hit briefly with the Ultra Tour. Liked it a lot. Found the power was similar to the Phantom. I think string setup makes all the difference here which is why there will be so much variation of opinions.

Power: Equal
Comfort: Phantom hands down
Control: Ultra
Spin: Phantom


I tried both, the UT 18 mains gave it a launch angle did not work for me.
As a Prince ported player since the ports were released, the Phantom just worked.
I normally play with Blue level Princes which are the thick Beam 110, series, but the Phantom has surprised me so far this outdoor season with the depth I can get.


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I have both frames. The Phantom is more lively and quite spin friendly. The Ultra Tour is more control oriented and precise controlled stick.
Both racquets are ripe for customisation. I think it will come down to personal preferences, price and price.
Thanks for the opinions everyone. Jolly, not sure why you found the Phantom uncomfortable - it's anything but. Then again, we all respond differently to racquets...

I'm also going to demo a Yonex DR 98 which feels lighter than a feather after swinging the other two.