Ultrashots vs. Rush Pro 2.5s


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I am looking to buy a new pair of shoes and trying to keep the price low.

TW has a pair of Ultrashots for about 80 bucks. The reviews on them are quite good. This model is the pure white versions, however, so they wouldn't get too many style points.

There's also several Rush Pro 2.5s for 90. They also have good reviews and I'm intrigued because they have a sock liner for added fit.

Anyone have experience with these shoes?


I’ve had the Rush Pro 2.5 and the Ultrashot 2. Ultrashort 2 is very comfortable and lighter than it looks. Ultrashots are a wider shoe so I had to wear thick socks and that’s not my preference. I really liked the Rush Pro 2.5 but like the Rush Pro 3 best of all and that is my current shoe. Med foot.


I have them both (except the ultrashot 1.0). I personally like the Ultrashot better because the front feels less bulky. Both are great for wide feet, and if you are into cushioning the Rush Pro 2.5 has more. I have a D width foot, but I tend to lean toward wider shoes.

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I had the rush pro 2.5. The outsole wore out within 24 hitting hours. They were comfy when wearing, but the durability is atrocious.

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