Underarm serves at WTF (and Grandslams) appreciation (or hate) thread


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Too lazy to check if this thread exist here...

Got one here as executed by Mr. Medvedev earlier:

comment: ugly, too long, not deceptive enough
Never understood the animosity.

If it’s legal it’s legal.

The element of disguise and surprise is part of sports.

Think of...Jordan’s fade away jumper while driving in, the QB “sneak”, the steal for 2nd base, the drop shot...

Why in the world would the underarm serve be vilified? (Or the SABR for that matter?).

It should be developed and used even more, IMO.
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I think it's great and should be used more.

Unfortunately lots of people in the crowd (back when there was a crowd) are idiots and get upset about it.

As long as the returner is set and ready to play it's totally fair (and a smart tactic vs players like Nadal that stand 268 feet behind the baseline to return).