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I had the same question. Uniqlo would be foolish not to want their stuff on TW. I'm not optimistic, though, considering it never happened in 5 years with djokovic.


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Interesting. Neither does the "other" online competitor, from a quick glance. Looks like UNIQLO does not sell through others. Can't find them on the great river either.


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Probably uniqlo will see their items through their website.
I will not surprised to see $80 shirts and $70 shorts.
Question is how many Uniqlo will make.....
Marketing wise. Make limited products for one or two productions so more people tries to buy his stuffs then increase production massively.
I thought about this earlier today. Using TW and TWE would really help improve access and distribution for Uniqlo. BUT,I. Assuming Uniqlo wants to drive Fed purchasers to other items on their site, so it probably wouldn’t make sense to outsource sales.
It is probably in their best interest to only sell direct bc people checking out the Federer line in the stores may end up buying other clothing as well.