University of San Francisco drops tennis


With less than a month left in their seasons, the University of San Francisco told its men’s and women’s tennis programs that this season will be the last for each program. USF’s athletic director Larry Williams and vice president of business and finance Charlie Cross sent an emailed statement to the school’s faculty, staff and students Friday morning, announcing that both Dons tennis programs will “be discontinued” at the end of the 2023-24 season.The university’s announcement came with several explanations for why the programs are ending, with money issues being the main one. Even though the programs only comprise 16 players and four coaches combined, the school says they cost “in excess of $1 million” annually. The university said it is looking to cut costs in the face of low enrollment numbers.
As of Monday, the men’s tennis team is 6-11 on the season and 0-5 in conference play, while the women’s team is 3-11 overall and 0-3 in WCC action. The WCC Tournament only invites the top six schools in the standings, meaning each program could see their final weekend in San Francisco be their final weekend, period.
The men’s tennis program won one of USF’s 10 national championships, capturing the NCAA title in 1949.



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Sad for the players who chose USF. But not surprising looking at their abysmal win-loss records.

Like many colleges in the US, USF too has most of its athletes from overseas (all of their Men's tennis and ⅔ in Women's tennis). Recently, a friend who went to D1 school for tennis was just lamenting on how public schools give most, if not all, of the scholarship to foreign athletes. He was fine with it, but thought there should be a limit.

Well, at least at USF it's a private school - it's not funded by tax payers. Over the years, if I recall, I don't think USF records have been that great. They had their heydays back then.