unknown results Borg vs Mcenroe and Connors

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  1. martin

    martin Banned

    May 6, 2004
    I found this site and there are some matches between Borg which are not mentioned at the atp tour site.
    I always thought Borg played his last match against Leconte but here it says he played his last match against Connors in 1983. His last tournament was in Tokyo and he defeated Mcenroe.

    Bjorn Borg Matches on DVD - 60

    All Tennis Matches are available on worldwide region free DVD's.
    All Tennis Matches have commercials deleted, except for the rare good one.
    All Tennis Matches have English commentary, unless noted.
    All Tennis Matches are complete, unless noted.

    1974 Dallas WCT SF - Borg d. Kodes 46 64 63 62 (Highlights) (5min) (Quality: Very Good)
    1974 Dallas WCT F - Newcombe d. Borg 46 63 63 62 (Highlights) (10min) (Quality: Very Good)

    1975 Hilton Head WITC F - Nastase d. Borg 76 63 (1hr 16min) (Quality: Good)
    1975 Hilton Head WITC Doubles F - Borg/Laver d. Nastase/Smith 67 76 62 (From 66) (1hr 13min) (Quality: Good)
    1975 Dallas WCT SF - Borg d. Laver 76 36 57 76 62 (Highlights) (6min) (Quality: Very Good)
    1975 Dallas WCT F - Ashe d. Borg 36 64 64 60 (Highlights) (8min) (Quality: Very Good)

    1976 Hilton Head WITC SF - Nastase d. Borg 63 57 64 (From 63 01) (1hr 11min) (Quality: Very Good)
    1976 Hilton Head WITC Doubles F - Borg/Laver d. Nastase/Ashe 64 75 (1hr 24min) (Quality: Very Good)
    1976 Dallas WCT F - Borg d. Vilas 16 61 75 61 (Highlights) (9min) (Quality: Very Good)

    1977 Hilton Head WITC F - Borg d. Ashe 61 62 (From 40, Italian Commentary) (29min) (Quality: Very Good)
    1977 Hilton Head WITC Mixed Doubles F - Navratilova/Nastase d. Barker/Borg 63 63 (1hr 22min) (Quality: Good)
    1977 Hilton Head WITC Mixed Doubles F - Navratilova/Nastase d. Barker/Borg 63 63 (Highlights, in Italian) (28min) (Quality: Fair to Good)
    1977 Wimbledon SF - Borg d. Gerulaitis 64 36 63 36 86 (BBC) (2-DVD Set) (3hrs 3min) (Quality: Excellent)

    1978 New York Masters F (January) - Connors d. Borg 64 16 64 (Edited, up to 44 in 3rd set, in B&W) (1hr 41min) (Quality: Good)
    1978 Hilton Head WITC SF - Borg d. Newcombe 64 62 (From 31) (44min) (Quality: Very Good)
    1978 Hilton Head WITC Mixed Doubles SF - Reid/Tanner d. Goolagong/Borg 46 63 64 (Edited) (58min) (Quality: Good)
    1978 Italian Open F - Borg d. Panatta 16 63 61 46 63 (Italian Commentary, from 32, 5th set) (20min) (Quality: Very Good)
    1978 French Open F - Borg d. Vilas 61 61 63 (Italian Commentary) (1hr 47min) (Quality: Excellent)
    1978 Wimbledon F - Borg d. Connors 62 62 63 (NBC) (2hrs) (Quality: Good)
    1978 US Open F - Connors d. Borg 64 62 62 (1hr 45min) (Quality: Good)
    1978 Gothenburg Davis Cup SF - Borg d. Ashe 64 75 63 (58min edit, up to 64 75 11, in French) (Quality: Good)

    1979 BocaWest Pepsi Grand Slam F - Borg d. Connors 62 63 (1hr 30min) (Quality: Good)
    1979 Dallas WCT F - McEnroe d. Borg 75 46 62 76 (Highlights) (10min) (Quality: Great)
    1979 French Open F - Borg d. Pecci 63 61 67 64 (French Commentary) (2-DVD Set) (2hrs 40min) (Quality: Very Good)
    1979 Wimbledon SF - Borg d. Connors 62 63 62 (BBC) (1hr 50min) (Quality: Good)
    1979 Wimbledon F - Borg d. Tanner 67 61 36 63 64 (Australian 9 Network) (2hrs 30min) (Quality: Good)
    1979 US Open QF - Tanner d. Borg 62 46 62 76 (Highlights) (10min) (Quality: Great)
    1979 Las Vegas Alan King Classic F - Borg d. Connors 63 62 (From 21) (53min) (Quality: Good)

    1980 New York Masters SF (January) - Borg d. McEnroe 67 63 76 (French Commentary) (2-DVD Set) (2hrs 23min) (Quality: Good)
    1980 New York Masters F (January) - Borg d. Gerulaitis 62 62 (French Commentary) (1hr 21min) (Quality: Good)
    1980 Maryland WCT Invitational - Borg d. Connors 63 61 (From 22 - 63 and 63 50 - end) (26min) (Quality: Great)
    1980 BocaWest Pepsi Grand Slam F - Borg d. Gerulaitis 61 57 61 (1hr 50min) (Quality: Good)
    1980 Monte Carlo SF - Borg d. Gerulaitis 60 62 (French Commentary) (54min) (Quality: Good)
    1980 Monte Carlo F - Borg d. Vilas 61 60 62 (French Commentary) (2-DVD Set) (1hr 41min) (Quality: Very Good)
    1980 French Open F - Borg d. Gerulaitis 64 61 62 (French Commentary) (2hrs) (Quality: Great)
    1980 Wimbledon QF - Borg d. G Mayer 75 63 75 (From 75 02, in French) (59min) (Quality: Fair)
    1980 Wimbledon SF - Borg d. Gottfried 62 46 62 60 (German Commentary) (1hr 53min) (Quality: Great)
    1980 Wimbledon F - Borg d. McEnroe 16 75 63 67 86 (BBC) (2-DVD Set) (4hrs 7min) (Quality: Excellent)
    1980 Canadian Open F - Lendl d. Borg 46 54 Ret. (From 44) (47min) (Quality: Very Good)
    1980 US Open F - McEnroe d. Borg 76 61 67 57 64 (2-DVD Set) (3hrs 22min) (Quality: Very Good)
    1980 Basel Swiss Indoors F - Lendl d. Borg 63 62 57 06 64 (French Commentary) (2hrs 56min) (Quality: Great)

    1981 New York Masters SF (January) - Borg d. Connors 64 67 63 (Italian Commentary) (2-DVD Set) (3hrs 10min) (Quality: Good)
    1981 New York Masters F (January) - Borg d. Lendl 64 62 62 (Swedish Commentary) (2-DVD Set) (2hrs 4min) (Quality: Good)
    1981 French Open SF - Borg d. Pecci 64 64 75 (2nd set is not televised, in French) (1hr 55min) (Quality: Good)
    1981 French Open F - Borg d. Lendl 61 46 62 36 61 (Missing 1 game in 1st set) (2hrs 33min) (Quality: Very Good)
    1981 Wimbledon 4R - Borg d. Gerulaitis 76 75 76 (From 66, in French) (1hr 41min) (Quality: Good)
    1981 Wimbledon SF - Borg d. Connors 06 46 63 60 64 (BBC) (2-DVD Set) (3hrs) (Quality: Great)
    1981 Wimbledon F - McEnroe d. Borg 46 76 76 64 (BBC) (2-DVD Set) (3hrs 25min) (Quality: Excellent)
    1981 Stuttgart Mercedes Benz Cup F - Borg d. Lendl 16 76 62 64 (Edited, in German) (1hr 10min) (Quality: Good)
    1981 US Open SF - Borg d. Connors 62 75 64 (2hrs) (Quality: Good)
    1981 US Open F - McEnroe d. Borg 46 62 64 63 (Telecast starts at 11 in 1st set) (2hrs 4min) (Quality: Great)

    1982 Industry Hills Michelob Light Cup F - Connors d. Borg 57 62 62 67 62 (Missing Last Game) (2-DVD Set) (3hrs 15min) (Quality: Very Good)
    1982 Richmond Best Products Summer Challenge - Connors d. Borg 64 36 75 63 (2-DVD Set) (2hrs 44min) (Quality: Good)
    1982 San Francisco Apple Challenge - Connors d. Borg 75 76 (2hrs 3min) (Quality: Good)
    1982 Sydney Akai Gold Challenge - Borg d. McEnroe 36 64 75 62 (Italian Commentary) (2-DVD Set) (2hrs 19min) (Quality: Good)

    1983 Monte Carlo 1R - Borg d. Clerc 61 63 (Missing 1st game, in French) (1hr 15min) (Quality: Very Good)
    1983 Monte Carlo 2R - Leconte d. Borg 46 75 76 (French Commentary) (2-DVD Set) (2hrs 32min) (Quality: Excellent)
    1983 Tokyo Suntory Cup SF - Borg d. McEnroe 64 26 62 (Borg's last tournament before retirement) (1hr 45min) (Quality: Great)
    1983 Tokyo Suntory Cup F - Connors d. Borg 63 64 (From 32, in Italian, Borg's last match before retirement) (1hr) (Quality: Fair to Good)

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  2. martin

    martin Banned

    May 6, 2004
    In the head to head between Borg and Connors it is 13-8 but there are some matches missing in esp. 1982 and 1983. The real head to head between Borg and Connors is not 13:8 but 13:12. The last 4 matches were all won bij connors.
  3. FiveO

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    Feb 18, 2005
    I have a couple of questions:

    What site?

    What matches?

    Which events?

    Exhibitions or Tournament Play?
  4. martin

    martin Banned

    May 6, 2004

    This is the site. I only looked for the suntory cup in Tokyo and that is definitely tournament play(no exhibition). I just don't know why there's no information about this tournament on the atp site.
  5. martin

    martin Banned

    May 6, 2004
    For example. This match is not being counted in their head to head at the atp tour site.

    McEnroe at top of game; breezes into Tokyo finals

    By Shelley Smith, Stars and Stripes staff writer
    Pacific edition, Monday, April 9, 1984

    Ken George / ©Stars and Stripes
    John McEnroe, during a semifinal win over Jimmy Connors the Suntory Cup tournament in Tokyo in April, 1984.

    TOKYO — Ten pounds heavier, rested and healthy, John McEnroe is beginning the big push to Wimbledon playing what he says is close to the best tennis of his life.

    The world's No. 1-ranked player, who already has won five tournaments this year, says he lacks only "match toughness" to get back to the top form he was in three weeks ago before taking a break.

    Saturday, admittedly not at his best, McEnroe overpowered Jimmy Connors, the No. 3-ranked player, 4-6, 6-3, 6-4, to advance to the finals of the $250,000 Suntory Cup in front of 12,841 at Japan's national stadium.

    McEnroe will meet Ivan Lendl in Sunday's final while Connors and Yannick Noah battle for third and fourth place in the four-man two-day event.

    Lendl of Czechoslovakia swept past Noah of France 6-2, 4-6, 6-2 to gain the berth in the finals against McEnroe.

    Although showing flashes of brilliance — seven service aces, deep baseline spin shots and stinging volleys — McEnroe also dumped a bunch into the net and blasted a few way out of the court.

    He also let a little of the "Superbrat" show through, arguing one call for nearly five minutes and after the match telling reporters he thought the "linesmen had a bad day." But lie said the frustration from the calls wasn't why he blew so many points.

    "I hit a lot of great shots," McEnroe said. "But I also let my concentration lapse a few times. After the three weeks off, I'm not match tough and that's one of the things I need to work on."

    CONNORS PLAYED WELL, but his steady baseline game, marked with several brilliant shots past an onrushing McEnroe, couldn't match the aggressive serve-volley approach the 25-year-old New Yorker has used so successfully.

    Service breaks in the first and fifth games gave Connors the first set, but he was broken in the sixth game of the second and ninth game of the third set to drop the match. He left the stadium without talking to reporters.

    "I think it was a really good match," McEnroe said. "I didn't play my best and I'm sure he didn't play his best, but it was exciting.

    "My serves are usually my strong point, but Jimmy's the best at service return. I usually make a hell of a lot more points off my serve with other players. Playing against him makes the match more interesting."

    But Saturday's match was a far cry from last month's Belgian Indoor Championships in Brussels, Belgium, said McEnroe, who called the tournament the best he's ever played.

    "I was serving harder, and with greater percentage. I was hitting the ball very solidly, very consistently, moving very well and concentrating very well. You add all those up and that's as good as I play," he said.

    He went on to beat Lendl 6-1, 6-3 in the final, marking the third straight final victory over the Czech this year.

    "I certainly hope that I'm still improving," he said. "I'm approaching the best years in my life physically and I think they will be the best three-to-four years of my career."

    The extra ten pounds, especially noticeable in his legs, have not come from eating more or lifting weights, McEnroe said, but from playing "a lot of hard matches and taking care of myself.

    "I think the weight really has helped me stay away from injuries. I was so light in the last couple of years that I was very susceptible to injury."

    Now, at 168 pounds, McEnroe thinks he should lose 2-or-3 pounds to be at his ideal weight, but says the extra bulk hasn't slowed him down.

    "I feel like I'm getting stronger and I think that will help me down the stretch," he said.

    After winning in Belgium, McEnroe decided to take three weeks off to prepare for the grueling schedule before Wimbledon that will take him to Dallas, New York and all over Europe.

    "I really felt like I needed that time off. I played nine of the first 10 weeks and I needed a little rest before starting up again," he said.

    "I'm beginning to get in shape again and I feel like I'm getting stronger. I hope to do well in the French because I've never gotten past the quarters there. If I can get my concentration back I should do really well."
  6. martin

    martin Banned

    May 6, 2004
    I know it is not an atp event but serious enough to mention.
  7. FiveO

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    Feb 18, 2005
    The "Suntory Cup" appears to be a four man, two day exhibition where they went as far as to play for third and fourth place as well.

    Not sanctioned. Not towards rankings. An elaborate exhibition where a player was guaranteed $30K for merely showing up.


    Mc won either $70 or $100K if he beat Lendl in the 1985 "final" on April 21, 1985 for two matches. I don't know. For perspective, McEnroe also played Atlanta, GA, USA which started April 22, 1985, though I doubt he played opening night. Mc won that event playing 5 rounds in either 5 or six days and won $60K.

    Exhibitions were more prevalent back in the 70's and 80's than they are now. In fact Borg's former coach, Lennart Bergelin believes, that the shear number of these exhibitions that Borg played through his short career, simply used him up and burned him out.

    As far as concluding that the h2h is different between any two players including exhibitions, you'll have to take them all into account, wins and losses. Good luck finding an accurate number of all exo's from that era or any era especially prior to the advent of the internet. The fact of the matter is they didn't count except to the player's wallets but probably very interesting to watch if one can.
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  8. martin

    martin Banned

    May 6, 2004
    That makes things clear. Thanx
  9. vive le beau jeu !

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    Mar 4, 2006
    Ometepe, Pink Granite, Queyras, Kerguelen (...)
    some time ago i noticed that connors had a 0-5 record vs wilander (in "official" matches)... but he obviously defeated him (at least) once, even if it's not official... interesting ! :)

    did he also ever beat becker in exhibitions ?...
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  10. llgc8080

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    Nov 29, 2007
    Good post! Thanks!
  11. CyBorg

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    Mar 8, 2007
    Atlanta, GA
  12. CyBorg

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    Mar 8, 2007
    Atlanta, GA
    This sounds great.
  13. paolo2143

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    May 29, 2007
    not as significant

    I think to count connors wins against borg in 1982 and 1983 is a bit unfair and not a true reflection borg hardly played after sept 1981 wheras connors was ranked at number 1 or 2 in world at time so naturally connors would have huge advantage playing week in week out than a rusty borg who only literally played a handful of matches.I know connors himself said after beating borg in exhibtion/challenge match in 1982 did not really count it as a real victory and he even said he was surprised at how good borg played and that if he had taken that much time off himself he would not have played as well.I think connors was actually a better stroke for stroke player but borg really owned jimmy mentally from 1977 onwards with only 2 noteable exceptions the masters in jan 1978 and us open the same year.
  14. BeHappy

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    Aug 24, 2007
  15. jrepac

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    Sep 8, 2009
    Jimmy beat Mats in a few exos, as I recall. Some would attribute that to a a lack of effort from Mats and Jimmy's hyper-drive to win, any match, at any cost. I saw that Suntory match....Jimmy was real hot that day on fast carpet. Not Mats best surface by any stretch.

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