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Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by marpiw, May 18, 2010.

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    The best has been happening in the latest tournaments as Martinez Sanches won the Roman tournament and Rezai won the Madrid one with a quality in their play that is very nice to watch.Both players were fafantastic and gave much material for profound analisis of the actual state of affairs in the WTA.I think that a brilliant tennis is flowering from the base of the players listings and that everyone (even the qualifyers) can have today the opportunity to reach some final instance of the tournaments and even win them,against the topteners.
    This is a demonstration that the WTA tennis has recovered his health and that we will have the luck of watching a better sport from now on.
    I still dont think that the comebacs of Henin and Clijsters were necessary to improve the level.It regenerated with players who were at the base of the players listing(today a big tennis reservoire)...
    The only problem I see nowadays is that there is a poor quantity of spectators in the courts watching the matches...but I think the quantity will increase as the quality of the game improves and new brilliant players will make their appearance on the scene.
    Thanks Martinez Sanchez and Rezai for leading the pack...
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    Holmes: Some interesting points. I would add that the return of Clijsters and Henin may be of benefit to the very players you mentioned, even if we accept your view that the WTA doesn't need them back.

    Rezai and Matinez Sanchez can only benefit being able to play against both of the Belgium girls, for they still have an experience and game each that is arguably missing in part of the WTA field. Well, in my opinion at least ;)

    I have to say that I enjoyed watching them both as of recent, especially Rezai's final with Venus.

    Oh, and what a wonderful avatar you have!

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