Update for possible ranking situation after 2013 Miami

Discussion in 'Pro Match Results and Discussion' started by underground, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. underground

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    Apr 24, 2012
    With Nadal's absence in Miami, he will once again drop back to #5. Ferrer is guaranteed #4 all the way until Madrid. (Losing in the 1st round in Miami gives him 6460, his Monte Carlo points is uncountable, and even if he loses his 300 in Barcelona, it can be replaced by one of his 250 tournament wins. This gives Ferrer a minimum of 6410 points, Nadal is currently 6325 after Miami points deduction and cannot gain any further until Madrid)

    Murray can become #2 if he wins the tournament.

    For Berdych to retain #6:

    - If Delpo reaches SF, Berdych needs to reach QF
    - If Delpo reaches F, Berdych needs to reach F
    - Delpo overtakes if he wins Miami

    So would Delpo do a Roddick in 2010 (RU in IW and W in Miami)?
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    Jan 27, 2008
    New York
    Interesting, thanks.
  3. papertank

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    Jan 3, 2012
    I think Delpo can win if one of Djokovic or Murray gets upset. I really feel he'll continue his streak here and can beat at least one of them again.

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