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    I've been trying out a lot of strings lately, and I'll give a little feedback.

    I've enjoyed a lot of the stuff I've tried lately, and am not 100% sure where to go. On Sunday, I played a match with a friend, after not being on the courts for a few weeks. I either strained a tendon/muscle, something weird happened, or I suddenly developed TE/GE that day. Right now, the outside of my right elbow hurts a bit. If I just keep it stationary it's fine, but if I rotate, it's slightly painful. Playing the piano, and having to keep shifting around gets a little painful (not that much, but on a standard 1-10 pain scale, maybe a 2-3. Not exactly too painful, but it's annoying).

    As such, I'm going to be laying off the elbow for a little, probably 2 weeks or so. I'm not too certain what was the contributing factor to it.

    I've mostly been playing with various poly's (full beds) and a half bed of natural gut. The natural gut plays very well, but I need a very large dampener on the racket that's strung with that if I want to keep the ball in play. I like the power that I get, but the feedback is a little too muted for my tastes. The poly's I tried were Polyon Ice (never trying that again), MSV Hex, and the first Lux prototype (grey version). Enjoyed the Lux prototype, but that's thoroughly dead by now. The MSV hex, surprisingly, is still alive and kicking pretty hard. However, I want to move away from full poly for a while, in the interest of my elbow, and in consideration of the fact that I'd like to be able to play tennis for the next 50 years, and not just the next 10.

    MSV Hex: good string, lasts surprising a very long time. I have the red 1.18 version, and in the 3-4 weeks since I strung it up, it's held tension very well. It's on the softer end of the spectrum, and relatively powerful. I don't really feel that the hex shape gives me any extra spin, but spin is there in full measure. The only fault I can find with it is that it's very much disconnected from your arm. You just don't really feel the string. Something else that annoys me a bit is now much of a plastic toy the string sounds when you hit a ball. I expected this plastic toy idea to transfer to the feel upon impact, but I don't really feel it that much. It just kind of hits the strings... and leaves. There's a small bit of ball pocketing, but now a lot.

    Lux Prototype: wow, Lux. Typical lux, and I'm impressed by it. Played very well for 3 hours, and plays ok for the rest of its life. It's powerful, spin friendly, and, surprisingly, pretty comfortable. It's on the stiff side of strings, but it held tension relatively well (IMO). No real complaints about this stuff, except that it's a little stiff for my tastes, and that Lux costs way too much.

    Natural gut: Wilson natural gut 16. with all the hype surrounding this string, I honestly expected more. I found power galore with this stuff, so if you're looking for that extra boost, this is for you. For some reason, I needed a heavy duty dampener on these strings too keep the balls in play. Don't know why, but if I didn't have a massive dampener, I just didn't have the confidence to get a shot in. With the dampener, there's plenty of spin, and lots of power. However, with absolutely no feedback to this setup, I can't see myself using gut in the mains. I will say though that when people start commenting about ball pocketing... gut has everything else beat. Balls just sink right into the string bed.

    Polyon Ice: Not sure which guage I had. What can I say? It's a real 1st generation polyester, and there's a reason it's cheap. Play pretty darn well the first time I went out with this stuff, but afterwards? Ick. Pretty comparable to Technifiber Polyspin IMO. Feels good the first time, but then it's just dead.

    As things, I've going to start trying out a few poly/gut hybrids. I want to see if I can tame the power of gut with a poly, or extend the life of a poly setup. I'm a little loathe to cut out the natural gut, but I think I might have to. Going to string up the golden Luxilon prototype with Gaucho gut in the crosses next.
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