Update re: ‘males and general perspectives needed' thread

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Hey! Thank you to those who once gave some opinions in that thread. Just to give a little update, yesterday, I was talking to him on msn and I told him I’m having 2 friends over in the evening to try rock climbing (the new apartment that I’ve just moved to 2 months ago has a little wall for rock climbing). He seems interested, so I asked him to come over to try too! But we ended up not climbing for too long because it was very hard and tiring. So we drove to the new campus that I’ve transferred to and played some tennis there, but because he has a midterm on Thursday, he left early, and me and my friends continued to play. However, he said that he and a few of his friends will have a BBQ this Friday, and he invited me and my 2 friends! So, so far, everything is going well and I just want to thank those of you who contributed to that thread!