Upgrading from lockout to electronic, maintenance questions!!!!


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Hello. I started playing tennis again last year after not playing for 12 years and no matter how much care I've tried to put into my old Flex 940 crank machine, its just way too damaged from sitting in 80% humidity for 12 years without any care or use.
It sat in my parents garage and I live in an extremely humid area. I've strung about 40 rackets with it but its at the point that even with alcohol, mineral spirits, and a very thin sharpening stone, the clamps, spring, supports, and everything else has just gone to crap.
I've decided not to replace the parts since it adds up to about half of what I originally paid for the machine so now I am upgrading to an Alpha Ghost 2!!!

I'm very excited, but now I need to know EVERY bit of maintenance that needs to be done with the machine since I'm pouring so much money into it.
All I ever did with my Flex 940 when I was a kid was clean between the clamp teeth with alcohol and thin lace and occasionally rub choji oil on the spring. I was stringing 8x a month for myself and about 10x for friends and other people in my club/high school and I never had any problems.
I've googled machine maintenance and I really feel like all I'm really reading up on in articles or other forum threads is small tidbits and things that are specific to other machines. Most people just ask about how to clean very specific parts.
I have no idea where to start besides cleaning the clamps and making sure the base is coated so it doesnt suffer in Hawaii's moist weather.

Any help would be greatly appreciated <3
Thanks :D


Anyplace you could store the machine so that it is not in 80-100% relative humidity? Chemical dissicant? Electronics will suffer because moisture precipitates out of the air over night. OTW, it is keeping the clamps and rails clean. Steel will rust no matter what you do. the only way to keep metal from rusting is a light film of oil, paint or both.


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I bookmarked this video after someone posted it on these boards (I have a feeling it might have been @Rabbit). The URL should start at the maintenance section, but if not, it's 15:15 in:

I doubt you'll find much in the video that's new to you, but I suspect maintenance is mostly about doing the basics well. My own top tip is: keep the machine covered when it's not in use. Prevention of dirt trumps cleaning for me.

Oh, for the electronics, a surge protector might be a worthwhile investment. I don't use my machine daily, so actually unplug the mains when it's not in use.