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    I purchased a pair of Babolat Team All Court 4 on April 17th. Now, they have a large hole in the bottom of the shoe, so it should qualify for the "babolat outsole limited durability warranty". When i purchased the shoe in the box was a card which said "babolat outsole limited durability warranty information". when i read that it says to send it to babolat usa warranty department.

    then i checked the order recept that i got from tennis warehouse when i purchased it there. on that it says to fill the "tennis warehouse return and exchange instructions" sheet out. on the sheet it says to check the customer service part of tennis warehouse for specific instructions about the specific company where the shoes were bought from.

    i checked there at http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/custservice/ but when i went to footwear waranty replacement, they did not give instructions for babolat shoes.

    what should i do???? has anyone else had a similar experiance??
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    In your thredz, stealin ur bukkits
    Call TW, they should help you out.

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