US High School System - Please explain


Hi guys,

In a few weeks my son will be coming to San Antonio, TX, for a year under the AFS (American Field Service) program for his 11th grade. Can someone please help explain the high school system in the US?

For your understanding, here, in Thailand, school students will go through a pre-set, no choice, no option course. It seems to me that in the US there are electives. What are the basic 'compulsory' courses? etc ...

BTW, what's the climate in San Antonio like?

Thanks in advance.


Here's the weather in San Antonio:

I'm not sure how it works down in Texas, but at my school everyone has to take math, english, history, science and PE, then 2 electives. Electives are classes that prepare you for certain jobs (we have classes about Computer networking, cosmetology, auto repair, business, journalism, etc.) Check out the school's website.


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SuperFly's pretty much got it.

You have certain required classes to graduate and electives help you out with your future job.

However, some colleges want extra classes. Over here in Mesa, according to my friends (I went to a Tempe school), they need 2 Foreign Language credits to graduate (English does not count, even if it is a foreign language to your son) but the college I'm going to wanted 3 Foreign Language credits as a recommended number.


I just graduated from High School this year.
Basically you have 4 core classes: Math, Science, English, and Social Studies/History.
After that, you are required to take electives which can be: Athletics/Physical Education, Music, Art, Language, Drama, Tech, Computer, and etc. type classes.