US Open 2020 final - Dominic Thiem[2] vs Alexander Zverev [5]

Who wins the USO 2020 final ?

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Thiem has to be the LEAST DESERVING grand slam champion in the HISTORY of Tennis. In terms of talent and game.

There are so many slamless players who are SO MUCH BETTER than Thiem.

But yeah, Big 3 are out and Thiem wins. It's a pity for all those talented players who never won a slam.
Would you tell that to his face?
He is not the biggest looser here...


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How long will it take for Zverev to recover from this??? I mean if you are going to lose a match from such a strong position throughout the match make sure the other guy earns it. Don’t even care about the DFs as long as there is intent on the serve but a 6’6 guy spinning 90-100mph even on the first serve when you are ahead in the match is gutless. Gawd!!!!

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It’s so frustrating as it’s only mental his problem is now.
Im hoping Ferrer can help with that.


Well done Thiem, coming back from huge deficit and taking this while cramping.
What a choke by Zverev...

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Quality drama. Sadly we rarely got to see the best from both simultaneously.

Well deserved win for Thiem. Slow but nice progress in Slam finals from him. Lost in 3, then in 4, the in 5, now won in 5. Happy that he didn't allow NextGen to block him before he got a chance to win something without facing the Big 3. Top quality player and a nice, hardworking boy.

Gutted for Sascha. But his play from the first two sets went missing for the remainder of the match, and he didn't have a good serving day at all. So he'll have to improve a bit more. But at least he's finally experiencing the biggest Slam stages as well, and hopefully we see him win it soon too.


It must take every ounce of strength inside of Zverev to not get up and punch Thiems teeth in for laughing in his face for 5 minutes.
That was completely CLASSLESS from Thiem. Lack of humanity and sportsmanship. Most importantly class.
He barely squeezed the match with a LOT of luck. But he couldn't stop laughing at Zverev's face. Total lack of consideration.
Can't wait for Thiem's next choke in a slam final.