US Open 2020 final - Dominic Thiem[2] vs Alexander Zverev [5]

Who wins the USO 2020 final ?

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Congrats to Thiem!! And Commiserations to Zverev. But this match will go down probably as one of the worst slam finals seen in the last 20 years. It was both hilarious and painful in equal measures. Is this how it's going to be once the Big 3 retire....Genuinely felt bad for Sascha though....A very bad loss especially with a 2-0 lead and a limping and cramping opponent in the fifth. I am hopeful this doesn't bog him down too much mentally and he gets it done sometime in the future..


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Tennis fans have been spoiled by the greatness of Fedalvic. It's going to be an extremely long time before we witness that high consistent level of tennis on the men's tour again.
While this is indeed true, I don't think it excuses Thiem or Zverev in any way. Never have I seen a men's major final where the guy rolling 2nd serves over the net was serving for the title. It was embarrassing tbh. And neither wanted to hit a winner towards the end of it. They just waited on errors, and one guy finally out-errored the other. Maybe Coria's choke comes close, but even then I'm not sure.

Don't think I've seen worse quality in a major final than this.


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I don't think either of them deserved it.
Thiem did. After all the work, tough losses he has had, this one is deserved. He didn't play anywhere close to his capabilities today but I honestly think his foot was bothering him, and in the end he also cramped. I think these things played a factor. It would be a travesty that a player this good would continue going slamless.


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How long will it take for Zverev to recover from this??? I mean if you are going to lose a match from such a strong position throughout the match make sure the other guy earns it. Don’t even care about the DFs as long as there is intent on the serve but a 6’6 guy spinning 90-100mph even on the first serve when you are ahead in the match is gutless. Gawd!!!!

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Yeah it's pretty bad. The guy basically has the service yips and he's 23.


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There is some drama in the end but quality off the match pretty low.At the end off the day no fans no people watching in the stands no joy.It is difficult to expect classic matches under this circumstances.Congrats Thiem.Terrible tournament alltogether.


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This is a glimpse of what we will watch once the big 3 retire. The tennis is worse quality for sure, although most of the top players seem evenly matched.
Retire? Never Fedal are already in contracts for transhumanism just round the corner.
They will aim for triple figure Slam and wipe the floor with any young vermin tempting fame


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That was completely CLASSLESS from Thiem. Lack of humanity and sportsmanship. Most importantly class.
He barely squeezed the match with a LOT of luck. But he couldn't stop laughing at Zverev's face. Total lack of consideration.
Can't wait for Thiem's next choke in a slam final.
Come on, watch it again as I just did. He didn't laugh at all, Domi was pure class throughout.
Really compelling match. Definitely not the highest quality but very entertaining. Glad Thiem finally got a grand slam.

Zverev was amazing for two sets but obviously couldn't maintain that level. His second serve was rough there at the end. The loss will haunt him. Will it motivate him to be better? I hope so. You could tell how crushed he was at the end.