US Open 2020 SF: [2]Dominic Thiem vs [3] Daniil Medvedev

Who goes to the final?

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Well his rallying was certainly better against Nadal last year in the final than what I’ve seen from him this year. Has been quite clinical until today, though.
Not sure what you’re expecting. This is a great match. The last round was a turd-fest of next gen nerves losing in straight sets


That was not a very good dropper on BP IMO. Thiem bailed him out there. And his droppers before this game have been abysmal.
I think it was a good dropper on BP. He played some good ones earlier too. The one truly awful dropper was the one in the 2nd set tiebreak. Completely wrong time to do it too.


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Half an eye on Raptors right now?
Yes. Bit concerned right now. Nurse called the TO and it didn’t seem to do much. Celtics have so many guys that can just go off at any time, but at least it’s close and not a blowout like G5 and G1. Hopefully the Raps can play some champ level D in these last couple quarters (or more).


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I've noticed Thiem can yell as much as he wants, nobody's gonna say "this is why he'll never be as popular as Federer or Rafa". 8-B