US Open 2023 SF: Carlos Alcaraz [1] (ESP) vs Daniel Medvedev [3] (RUS)

Who will win?

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I’m actually in the hospital rn. Got in a bad car accident a couple hours ago. Not even joking whatsoever (you think I’d willingly miss this match?)

I see my night has gone from bad to worse given Carlos’s form. Don’t really have the heart to watch now.
Similar story here, man. It's chemo day for the mother, potentially. An Alcaraz W would have been nice but our own lives come first.

I hope you are okay! Please take care.


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Can you guys take this to the general player section of the board? I don't think we want to see this match thread get nuked. Thanks.
I only respond to users who believe that their idol should be treated differently than a simple citizen to enter a foreign country.
I’m not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but one of the ball retrievers in this SF looks like the lines judge from 2020 US Open disqualification incident.

I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad omen but very strange situation.




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The title is as good as done for Novak.
Medvedev poses zero threat.
Carlos will lose this, but if he wins he will have nothing for the final.


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Again, Novak chose to be a conspiracy but. Can't blame others that abide by the rules.
What: are you thinking that powerful, interested entities would *never dream* of coordinating
their activities, to achieve mutually beneficial goals? After all, that would be illegal- and wrong!

Heh- it happens every single day, my friend.
Sundays final almost guaranteed under roof. Forecast has 90% chance of rain.
1000% this is guaranteed to be an indoors final. The humidity is going to break there is no chance they will run the risk.

I’m not a fan of indoor tennis, but it’s crazy to run the risk when there is a high probability of rain.

At Wimbledon this year there were a few sessions ruined by rain where they waited till the court was almost flooded then finally closed the roof.


If medvedev wins playing his BEST tennis in the last 3 years, and the rolls in the final , djoko win would be officially the luckiest ever in every sport..