US Open 2023 SF: Carlos Alcaraz [1] (ESP) vs Daniel Medvedev [3] (RUS)

Who will win?

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Carlos should have gone for the passing shot but he went for the lob, he has no belief in his passing shots, now here comes another stupid drop shot when he was in a neutral ralley.

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I am in for the treat of my life if the final is anything like this


Think it is not only that, but the emotional and mental output. Alcaraz now working hard to dig himself out of a hole, Med will work hard to stop the fight back.
Normally i agree. But in a final players at that level leafe it all out there. I do think alcaraz will be easier for djokovic than medvedev. Said that from the stsrt of the event


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Alcaraz looks done physically. Just missed a the most important moments. That's why he is not an ATG. Big 3 would have broken for sure.


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Reminiscent of the RG 22 QF. Carlos woke up in set 3 and had a great quality battle with Zverev until the point he lost set 4.