US Open 2023 SF: Carlos Alcaraz [1] (ESP) vs Daniel Medvedev [3] (RUS)

Who will win?

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I wish Alcaraz lost in straight sets. He needed to be humbled. The loss in Cincy and the loss today should help.

I have been trying to like Carlos, but couldn't. Sorry.
Lol what's with you all needing/wanting these kids to be "humbled". This sounds more like a you problem


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I don't think losing to meddy is worse than losing to Carlos.

The kid got humbled.
I would think the opposite. I'd rather lose to Carlos, who still seems destined to be an all-time great. Medvedev at the end of the day is still just going to be a guy with a few majors at best.



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Seems med was completely underestimated by everyone. Carlos wasn't ready for what med brought. He looked ahead to the final just like everyone else on here did.

Could be but alcaraz’s serve was exposed here. Also he didn’t give med a change up. Nothing different. No different looks. Anyway med won’t be facing a tired novak this time around.

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Same Novak who played 8 hours back to back at Rome 2021 and said he could have gone for few hours more was tired after a 5 setter against Z.

Dude plz go look 2021 it’s called burned out. Also he played so long matches in that us open run as well. You will see. Novak smells it at this point. 24 incoming.
What the hell is wrong with you people. Are you still mad about Wimbledon?
I am never bad about the past. I have always said the kid needs to suffer. last year he became number 1 without having the best in the tournament.

The people he was playing, sinner Ruud Tiafoe are not even ready to tie Nole's shoelaces.