US Open on CBS 3 More Years

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    Sep 15, 2004
    I don't know if anyone has already posted this. I just saw the following press release:

    NEW YORK -- The U.S. Tennis Association and CBS say they have agreed in principle to a three-year contract that will keep the U.S. Open on the network through 2014 and leave the tournament's final weekend schedule unchanged.

    CBS has aired the U.S. Open every year since 1968. The network's current deal with the USTA ends after the 2011 tournament.

    The 2012-14 contract includes the tournament keeping a Saturday night women's singles final and a Sunday afternoon men's singles final. And as under the expiring deal, CBS will continue to broadcast two U.S. Open Series events leading up to the year's last Grand Slam tournament.

    The agreement was first reported Friday on the New York Times' website.

    I didn't see any mention concerning if CBS will continue to treat the men's final as shabbily as it did last year.

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