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Discussion in 'Tennis Travel' started by wfudeac, Aug 17, 2005.

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    Apr 13, 2005
    Last year we went to the Open and had a blast, we bought passes for the day session in Ashe, and got to see a few matches there from the nosebleeds, as well as an awesome match with Massu on one of the showcourts.

    This year I am planning on going on Labor Day, and had a few questions, thanks!

    -If I get a grounds pass, is it good for the whole day? The only place I can't go with a grounds pass is Ashe, right?

    -If I do get a ticket for the Ashe day session, who checks my ticket to make sure I don't try to get in during the night session? Once the day session at Ashe is over, I can still have access to the Grandstand, Armstrong, and the show courts, right? If I buy a night session pass to Ashe, can I still roam around the place during the day and have access to Grandstand, Armstrong, and the show courts?

    -Since I'm going on the second Monday, will I be seeing mostly juniors on the show courts, since some of the pros will be going home after getting beaten?
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    I was at the US Open on Labor Day - Wednesday last year. Had a GREAT time.

    - A grounds pass is good for ALL day. With it you can go ANYWHERE except into Ashe Stadium, and in the very first few rows of Armstrong stadium. (But you can still get great seats in Armstrong for free.)

    - I don't know who checks tickets between Day and Night sessions at Ashe. Last year we had tickets to both, but we left between sessions to get something to eat and just walk around. (I asked, and they told me I could have remained in Ashe, but there was nothing to do/watch.) As I recall, Armstrong had something going every night. I don't remember about Grandstand, I -think- it did. I don't know about your last question. You -may- have to buy a gounds pass, or they may just let you in during the day with your Ashe night ticket.

    - You'll see some VERY good juniors, and you may get to see some of the past champions, especially if you go Tues - Thurs after Labor Day. Even though some of the Pro's will have lost and gone home, there's still plenty of GREAT tennis to watch (including Doubles). They also had the wheelchair tennis going on then, which was very interesting.

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