US Open SF: Fernandez vs Sabalenka

Who will win the match and how many sets?

  • Fernandez in 2 sets

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  • Fernandez in 3 sets

    Votes: 4 23.5%
  • Sabalenka in 2 sets

    Votes: 8 47.1%
  • Sabalenka in 3 sets

    Votes: 5 29.4%

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this is a joke. i don't get how a girl ranked outside of 50 ,, all of sudden play like she is #1 in the world ?? :confused: :p:p

Winners or Errors

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Hmm, Sabalenka is definitely one of those streaky big hitters in the WTA who can beat or lose to anyone on any day. She really let the errors creep in at the end of the set. We'll see if she can right the ship. If not, LAF to US Open final.


WTA Experts: Can Fernandez actually win the UsOpen? If so, will it be the biggest story since Serena won it young?


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One thing that I like about Fernandez: she doesn’t seem to panic if she drops a point, a game or even a set.

can she keep it up?


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Sabalenka always plays like a brainless ballbasher in big matches. Just when you think she might rise to the occassion and play championship caliber tennis, she reminds you of how one dimensional she can be.


It's the power of the mind/mental. Both youngsters are everything but "mental midgets" and that's even more important than their good games.

I'm still not quite convinced that Saba is done, though.


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Hello, thought I'd touch base with all here.
I've been watching. :)
Shaky start for Fernandez, adjusting to Sab's power.
Sab crumbles when the pressure is there, so nothing new.
Leylah needs to mix up her game more and never get into a long baseline rally with Sab
or she'll be overpowered.


This match and the next one is about the crowd. If Leylah and Emma play reasonably well, the crowd is going to pull them over the finish line. It’s a huge emotional intangible.


this is a joke. i don't get how a girl ranked outside of 50 ,, all of sudden play like she is #1 in the world ?? :confused: :p:p
Fernandez isn't playing like she's #1 in the world. The #2 in the world had a bad set. That's all that happened. This is how matches go for players like Sabalenka. They take the risks. Sabalenka, Sharapova, Osaka, Williams, Kvitova... etc. All of these types of players are like this. They live and die by their racquet power and serve.


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Definitely. Osaka beat her on the ground game (Especially first 2 set), but Fern can still hang. Osaka has v. bad return game on that match plus the implode. But my point is she can hang with big babes not necessarily winning but can wear down them (Konjuh, Osaka and now Sabalenka).
Yes, Fernandez is a natural at problem solving and has ice water in the veins at crunch time.

Another task ahead of her now in the second set.