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    Jul 2, 2008
    Just got back from the US Open Qualies on friday. Saw some good players; Safin, Davydenko, Murray, Monfils, Moya Nalbandian. What's amazing is that these players aren't hitting as hard as I imagined. Safin's groundies were very impressive, i'm surprised he's not in the top 10 considering his talent. Everytime he struck the ball you could hear a zip (like a zipper being pulled up fast) come from off his stringbed, everytime he hit the ball which no other players produced. All his strokes were high paced and very flat and very consistant. Louis Armstrong was much smaller than I expected. For some reason the TV makes it look mammoth, but in person it looks relatively small. And the seating on the courts are so close to the players. Some service aces actually hit vacant audience seats, also surprised they don't have barades. And lastly, Ferrer was using his old racquet think it was the Prince TT Warrior, but when he was practicing he didn't even bother to use his sponsored paint job. He just used a standard TT Warrior, i'm surprised he wasn't hidding it or that he cared. And when my friend asked safin for his picture he was rude to her and told her to "hurry up" "I don't have time for this" but did it anyways.

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