USC Men's Head Coach Peter Smith Resigns


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They should hire Ramsey Smith so that they don’t have to change the signage, plus he’s a similarly proven winner and the best man for the job


I wonder if he was involved in the Varsity Blues Scandal?
I want to wildly speculate but I'm holding off. The timing is really bad. On the heels of Los Angeles Times reporting this week that USC investigating 33 students admission. In addition to the incredibly sanitized official announcement.


My friend would like to get a USC football scholarship to play on their football team on the defensive line.

He is 5.8” and 140 lbs but very strong compared to his younger brother.


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I also like to nominate coach West Nott for the head coaching position of the men's team. He was an awesome associate coach for the USC women's team when he was there, now has a head coaching position in Texas. But bring west back, he will continue the winning tradition of Trojan men. Fight on coach West.


I am not saying Brett is a bad guy, but he was never a good fit here at TTU. Not a very fan friendly guy. Glad he got to go back to California.


Excuse me but that is inappropriate.
Maybe came out wrong, meant no disrespect to Massi. He is a nice guy, but he never really melded into the community here. May be because early on he let people know he wanted to get back to California, and out of here. When I say I am glad he got to go back to California, I mean that in the glad he got what he wanted way, not the glad he is gone way. I didn't have any problems with him.


Nope. I thought maybe him also, but they went went Daniel Whitehead. He was our assistant last 2 years but then stepped away. Super nice guy. His wife played here in her college days. She is super nice also.
I know Daniel...actually both are great choices. Congrats to Daniel


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Great move for Daniel, he was actually coaching at a small D3 school here in Austin awhile back so that's a huge jump.


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I doubt they could get Boland.
Nor could they get Billy Martin to move over from UCLA at the end of his career, or the Stanford coach, or Ty Tucker at Ohio State, or newer coaches at great places like Virginia and Florida who are getting things moving in the direction they want, etc. It was a stupid post in the first place. Nobody can get any coach they want.