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Discussion in 'Strings' started by dabomb75, Sep 26, 2004.

  1. dabomb75

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    I just bought a packet of string savers. I have never used them before. Am i supposed to put them in right after they are strung or can I put them on after, say, a week's use?

    Also do they really affect the string life very much at all?
  2. David Pavlich

    David Pavlich Professional

    Feb 11, 2004
    You can do it either way. What I tell customers is to play with the frame for a bit then look at the strings to see where the notching seems to be the heaviest and install the stringalings at those points.

    The stringalings will extend the life of your strings, but they aren't a holy grail that will make your strings immortal.

  3. coachrick

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    Feb 19, 2004
    Austin, hook 'em, Texas
    Let's hope the secret of immortal strings remains a secret! Another reason for waiting to install string-savers...enough SSs will increase the tension on the stringbed. If the original tension drops below acceptable levels, SSs will help restore the original feel(somewhat).
  4. Kick Serve

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    May 26, 2004
    String savers will help prevent your strings from breaking, but they won't keep your strings from going dead. Once your strings lose their resiliency string savers won't help. I mention this because some people claim that when your stringbed loses a lot of tension that you can gain some back by using string savers. This principle only works if the strings aren't dead yet. The only thing that can help dead strings is a pair of scissors.

    Sampras strung his racquets with natural gut at extreme tensions and used the string savers later in the match when he noticed a string or two fraying and wanted to keep using the same stick. I think a few string savers placed on frayed strings to get you through the match won't have an adverse effect. But when you place a bunch of them throughout the sweetspot you'll notice the difference. IMO, it really stiffens the stringbed and gives it a harsher feel. Some people love doing this, but it's not for me. I do keep some in my bag for emergencies when I think a string is about to go in the middle of a match.
  5. wshhmm

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    Aug 15, 2004
    Agree with Serve. After I got bunch of saver, it is tough to play.

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