Using three different sticks in one session:

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by ferrari_827, Apr 22, 2005.

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    Oct 4, 2004
    Yesterday, I wanted to get the reaction from one of my tennis friends while I was playing with 3 different rackets, as an experiment: RDXmid, Ti80, IPrestige mid.

    I was able to transition from each of the sticks very quickly with little or no adjustment. Anyway, the differences reported by my hitting partner were noticeable but not significant.

    The most difference was the level of spin. IPrestige had the least spin, the RDXmid more, and Ti80 highest in spin, which isn't too surprising.

    As far as power, IPrestige had the least power, followed by RDXmid, then Ti80. The differences in power were smaller than spin.

    For accuracy, the reverse, IPrestige mid most accurate, RDXmid next, then Ti80. Although all 3 rackets are very accurate, even for player sticks, the RDX and IPrestige excelled in this area.

    What's interesting is that the difference in shots as reported by a fairly reliable tennis partner was smaller than I thought. This is good, meaning I can use all three rackets interchangeably.

    With Ti80, you can vary the spin from extreme slice to topspin and hit all sorts of shots. As a point an shoot precision rifle, the IPrestige mid is great. The RDXmid is a hybrid of the Ti80 and IPrestige Mid. Love all three.

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