Using Tretorn Micro-X balls for all playing???

Discussion in 'Other Equipment' started by zacinnc78, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. zacinnc78

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    Mar 16, 2007
    north carolina
    What do you guys think about using these balls everytime you play....ball machine or human opponents?

    Why dont people do this?

    Im asking because ive never hit with theyplay that bad that you want to avoid them at all costs except for the ball machine.

    Im almost through with a case of ultra -vis slazenger wimbeldons(very good bounce long life and really a little too harsh for me ) are the tretorns as hard or harder then those?
    please enlighten me!
  2. sonicare

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    Jan 13, 2010
    Man, I did play with them for close to a month. Honestly man, I wouldn't do it. They are very harsh on the hand esp if u have a light racket. I was using a AG200 and still felt sore. My friend with a lighter racket was in pain. They DONOT bounce as much as a brand new set of Slazenger Ultravis and I had 3 cans of Micro X so it isn't some fluke bad batch.

    The micro Xs weigh the same as regular balls AFAIK but they dont have that give in them. Like imagine hitting a metal ball that weights the same as a tennis ball. No matter what, it would be much harsher.

    Having said that, after a month, the balls were bouncing just like they did when we opened them even though, the bounce was lower then a new set of balls.

    And after having played with them for a month, when I went back to regular balls, the difference is night and day. I know, I know, they weigh the same but they DONOT fell the same.
  3. autumn_leaf

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    Jul 28, 2007
    Taunton, MA
    balls that aren't pressurized are going to feel a lot stiffer. i just bought two buckets of micro x to use in my ball machine and in practice. i consider myself 3.0 player so i don't hit the ball that hard. i assume that the faster your swing is the more stiff the ball is going to feel. so advance players are going to dislike them more than beginners.

    as for the bounce. they seem to bounce like semi dead balls if you just drop them, but when you actually play with them they bonce faster and farther than semi dead balls, pretty close to brand new ones. I know this because with used balls my serves would either not hit the fence or barely hit the fence and with the micro x i'm almost always hitting the fence and i notice the ball bounces quicker off the ground.

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