USO 19: R.Nadal [2] Vs D.Schwartzman [20]

Rafa Vs Diegoat

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Nadal doesn't even have to overpower him to move him because he hits with so much topspin. This honestly looks like Nadal is doing this on purpose. This is fishy for him to allow Diego to win so many easy points.
Nadal just went flat. Diego has been in form. This can happen.


I don’t get it. Nadal started perfect and then like went asleep. If he doesn’t win this set I’m so pissed.


Schwartzmann playing way too good right now. Nadal has 6 inches on him, how is he getting owned so badly? Also Nadal is far from a lock for the title. Even Berrettini could spring an upset on him, nevermind Medvedev or Dimitrov.
@ADuck I like how you suddenly don't answer me. That forehand miss on the first game point was also due to Schwartzman? You need to actually start watching. Schwartzman is playing well but Nadal is gifting him too much.


Nadal is embarrassing himself right now. Honestly, this is pathetic. How can we put him in the category of Fed and Novak?
This is not ATG material. Depending on your opponent to make UFEs.


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LMAO at Nadals uncontrolled "high pitched" Vamos beating Diego there as well,
he sounded like his closet self for once when his defenses are down.
Even higher pitched than his opponent who often yells like a wta teen with glee.

Diego was so close then, would have loved to see him wrong foot Rafa with a cross instead of that wide DTL


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I kind of understand what Fed fans mean now about surface being slow. If it was a bit faster, Nadal could hit through this guy easier.