USO 2009 QF: Nadal vs Gonzalez

Who wins

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Woohoo! Nice job Rafa... takes a 2-0 set lead.

Break his spirit before he even gets a foot in the door :twisted:


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Beeing a slow starter shouldn`t be a deciding factor in a best of 5 set match but in this case it`s crucial


Gonzo does not seem like he cares. This guy works so hard to get there... but would not cash it in. Simply amazing.


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So Nadal just won the first match 7-6 7-6. Now Gonzo's only chance is to win the second match in straight sets.


Wow, Nadal just ran through the rest of that tiebreaker.

4 point in a row and now it's a 3 set comeback if Gonzo wants to win. He, basically, has to straight set Nadal.

Hopefully Nadal can close out the 3rd set quickly to get this match done ASAP so he can get back to treatment and practice to be as prepared for Del Potro as possible.

Vamos Rafa!

BP Nadal