USO 2020 will be remembered for positive things, contrary to prevailing negative opinions

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to come out and play tennis again is alone is a huge thing at the moment........whoever holds the title coming sunday will have deserved it as much as anyone in the past.......there is too much talk about djoko disq'n and absence of the other two........well all of them were there last year, medvedev was short by just one set from the title, berrettini reached the semis........where was djoko/fed? and they are all a year older today........

sport is bigger than bug-3, and with time everything will meet its end.........i am actually liking what i am seeing in this tournament........this year's us open champion will not be remembered an asterix champ but a deserving victor........


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This open is really boring so far with no good matches. i want more good matches with medvedev getting blown out
Are you saying this because people remember mostly the good things, because people don't know/won't remember that the conditions for the preparation of the players at this year's Open have been severely compromised and are not up to the standard expected from such a category event or is it simply that anything is better than nothing (even if it comes at someone else's expense)?