USOpen Championship 2009: Federer vs. Del Potro

Who will be 2009 U.S. Open Champion & win 2000 points?

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I think that tennis should be a bit more like football or baseball: mouth off at the ump, get penalized.

You argue balls and strikes in baseball at your peril.


roger, roger. Wow, he can be such a whiner,baby, and sore loser. Although I must say I find it hilarious whenever roger curses and loses his temper, because it's so rare. Although he was right, dpot took too long to challenge.


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so far, this is one of the worst matches of the US open. quality extremely low, both players are struggling to get serves in, it's disguisting.

and you know the players are both extremely frustrated. i say they just leave the court once the match is over. forget the ceremony.


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And btw, Fed was right - you can't wait that long to challenge, after your entire box has confirmed it.

How old is Jake Garner anyway - he looks 12.


Fed's got a point about the amount of time taken to challenge, but shouldn't speak like that IMO to the umpire.
I agree. However, the umpire didn't handle that too well. Federer had a very legitimate point and he's already pissed so the last thing the umpire should say to him is "Be quiet." That's just asking for it. The umpire should've said something like "Look, Roger, I understand your frustration but Del Potro has the right to challenge." Saying "Be quiet!" is just asking for it.


Wow, the umpire has balls to tell Federer to be quiet, but no umpire has the effing nuts to tell Nadal to hurry the fack up

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roger got a way with a couple audible obscenities ... and he talks about someone else not adhereing to the rules! :rolleyes:

either way this is Del's nightmare now: DF twice to lose a set. we're talkin hellboy!


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Am I the only one who thinks Fed was right? Who's the umpire to shut him up, plus Fed makes a good point.
Im with you on this one. First delpo took way too long to challenge, and then the umpire tried to shut him up. COmpletely understandable behavior. Although it wouldve been better if he didnt use the S word.