USPS packages just sitting in dist centers for days and days


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I've had rackets sent via USPS arrive in as little as 3 days. Sometimes I have seen rackets coming or going languishing for days, even over a week, in regional distribution centers. I sent a racket to my bro in MD via USPS and it has been sitting in some MD dist center for a week. I just sent a racket to package OH and it landed in the black hole of dist centers in Nashville where I have had rackets stuck there for over 10 days. So far the racket going to OH has only been stuck in Nashville for only 4 days.

Is there a trick, code or baksheesh that one can use to ensure one's package does not sit for days in some USPS regional distribution facility or does one just need to suck it up and spend the big bucks to send via Fedex or UPS?


Dejoy basically tried to kill the USPS last year and I don't think it's managed to recover yet. Mail in voting last election may have played a part also (I'm not saying it was a bad thing, but combined with the other issue things got ****ed). I don't think there's any trick to it.

I'm currently away, but before I left my regular mail wasn't even coming every day. Only getting mail every other day now. From what I've heard, most USPS facilities are drowning in mail and packages.


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I sold a racquet in Feb. that took 3 days to get from the central post office to the airport dist center, and then sat at the airport for 8 days before starting its journey. Almost 2 weeks to leave the state. USPS Priority 2-3 day.

Fortunately the buyer was patient. If I'm buying, I'm looking for UPS or FedEx shipping.


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USPS is not as efficient because of COVID and an overwhelming amount of deliveries. I had a post office employee tell me directly that the Post Master General is not enforcing ANY delivery guarantees for US mail.

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DeGold and Dejoy sound very similar? Is this a conspiracy to divert more business UPS way? Is the Hoover Dam really a huge 5G tower following our every move? I look forward to the netflix doc.


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Following this thread as I'm thinking of selling my old racquets. My wife does thrifting through **** and we haven't had any problems shipping through USPS. Hmm.


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I had to contact USPS twice this week, once for a racket sitting in the Nashville Dist center for 4 days and another racket sitting in a Maryland dist center for 9 days. A couple of months ago I received a somewhat collectible racket and package had a somewhat "U" shape. At least the sender got insurance as the racket was busted. I have also had at least 2 other times that rackets have sat for some days in the Nashville dist center and only got the racket moving after making inquiries. I've also received several rackets from big auction site sellers via USPS in a timely fashion so it is hit and miss. From now on I am going to send any rackets leaving my hand via UPS.


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I have switched to UPS/FedEx for all domestic racket shipments. Extra $3-5 but always on time.
Unfortunately, international is way too expensive by FedEx or UPS and Usps priority takes 2-3 weeks lately to clear US customers and head overseas...
Nothing consumer can do...