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I know in the rules, USTA says you must default bottom up. From what I understand that is if you know for sure you are going to have to default a line. This weekend I'm worried about one of my line 1 doubles not showing up. I can't get a response from him either way and I have nobody else to put in the lineup in his place. If he doesn't show up, would it be legal to just default line 1 doubles? Or would I have to move line 2 doubles up to one and line 3 doubles up to 2? If I have to move my lines, what happens if my line 2 doubles are not there? Line 1 doubles is supposed to start at 9:30 and line 2 doubles not until 10:30. You would think I wouldn't have this kind of issue. I'll be glad when this season is over.


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In that scenario you would in fact default your line one but they would have the opportunity to play that pair at 10:30.


You default from the bottom up. It doesn't' really matter who shows up at what time, just record the highest line at 1, then 2, then default line 3. It's merely for score/record keeping. The fact is, for USTA ratings, the line you play has no meaning, it is who you play (their dynamic).

In your scenario, if line 1 doesn't show up and the other line 1 team is there, they can still play at line 1 against your line 2 team (now line 1), and so forth. The problem is, your are going to upset players who show up to play and you don't have confirmation. Not cool to leave other players hanging, especially if they are traveling to your courts.


Thanks for the info. After another two emails I finally heard back from my player and he said he can't play. Without having anyone else I shuffled around the lineup and we're now forfeiting line 3 doubles. I had another guy that had somewhere else to be and was only going to play to keep us from forfeiting. So it all worked out I guess and we're only forfeiting one line. I already emailed the other captain to let him know. I don't believe in waiting until match time to disclose you are forfeiting.