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    Nov 30, 2004
    While driving back to my house today, I passed the local high school tennis courts. I saw they were packed and I also saw a booth and several banners set up. Thinking it was the high school state tournament, I decided to stop and check out some of the action.

    Turns out, it was the USTA Mid west Open Championships (which I never knew existed). It seemed to enjoy a good number of participants, some spectators and a booth with a large tournament bracket and some other information. I was extremely impressed with the level of tennis I was watching. The best I have seen, actually (never have seen a live ATP or Challenger tourney). Talking to one of the organizers, I wasn't surprised to hear that most, if not all played college tennis and the NTRS rating level of most of the participants was 5+. It was then I realized that a realistic goal for myself would be a rating of 4 (wild dream 4.5). I doubt I could take a single game from any of the players I saw - definitely not a return game.

    I hope all of the participants play well and have fun. I hope to catch a little more of the tournament this weekend.

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